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The Alice 19th Community

Na Sadaru Lotis Ran!

~ The Alice 19th Community ~
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Welcome to the Alice 19th community! This is where fans of Alice 19th will join, as well as participate in fun activites, discussions, posting fanworks, and all that jazz.

(C'mon, every comm is gonna have one)

1) Try to participate as much as you can; make an intro post, comment, post something else, etc. It doesn't matter how you do it, as long as you participate. It doesn't have to be everyday, though. ;)

2) Everyone is gonna have different opinions about certain characters, pairings, plot points, etc. Whatever you do, please don't bash or flame other people! I don't want to see any nasty arguments and threats over this, please. Don't be rude; respect each other. Also, no bashing the characters, m'kay?

3) Debates and discussions are A-OK, as long as they follow rule #2.

4) Any spoilers for the manga and long posts must be under an LJ-cut. Same as long fanfics, fanart, and anything fan-related that is posted directly to the comm.

5) All icons, fanwork, and other things should be labeled. I set up tags for the purpose of the comm being organized and to make it easier for someone to find what he/she is looking for.

6) Most important of all... have fun! :D
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