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19 December 2006 @ 03:53 pm
I bring fanfic!  
First post in this community, since FanFiction.Net seems kind of dead right now. I REALLY want someone to give me feedback about this.

Title: Third Time's the Charm
Rating: T just for a few mentions of incest and mild cursing.
Pairing: Frey/Mayura
Warnings: None, unless you count really long sentences.
Summary: He's her second love, she's his third shot at romance. They're bound to get lucky this time.

A/N: I did indeed write the first four pieces on the 18th; it took around an hour. I was doing a write-off with Raedyn L., and even though I pretty much lost all energy and life, I have to admit it was fun. I've made some corrections, but otherwise everything is what I wrote in the ten/twenty minutes I got.

I am NOT satisfied with how Frey was written. Frey has the most significant losses out of everyone, and yet after everything, he just--reverts back to normal. There aren't even hints if he's faking it or not. "Oh god, everyone's dead! My first love drowned herself because of me! ERIC! ...Hey Alice, how 'bout a kiss?"

So that's why I started leaping into Frey and Mayura's relationship, because Frey needs a GOOD ending more than anyone else. It doesn't even have to be happy, as long as it's not traumatic like most everything else was for him.

I don't own Alice 19th, nor any of its characters. Now read the non-chronological Frey/Mayura.

I. "Pictures of You" by The Cure (3:31PM-3:43PM)

Frey doesn't have a lot of pictures of his life. In fact, he can barely remember ever being in front of or behind a camera at all.

So he's surprised when Mayura gives him exactly four pictures from her own life. There's a picture taken when she was six (She looks so adorable with short hair!), another from a school dance ("Is that Kyô you're dancing with, Mayura?"), a third with her and Alice laughing and shoving each other out of the frame ("Camera hogs, both of you."), and surprisingly, she's rather hesitant to show him the last one.

"It's a really bad one--Mom tried to get a good picture, but I think we turned right when she took it..."

He tugs it out of her hands, then looks at it more thoughtfully.

It's a photo taken from behind the two of them. It's blurry and crooked and absolutely horrendous compared to the other three pictures--but it's obvious that Frey and Mayura are both smiling into the back.

II. Hair (3:47PM-4:01PM)

He likes Mayura's hair because it reminds him of Ida. There are differences, obviously; Mayura's hair is darker than Ida's was, more of a light brown than sheer gold--but it has the same waviness, the same length, the same captivating softness that makes him want to spend hours brushing it or braiding it, or even just running his hands through it because it is really. Nice. Hair.

But Frey likes her hair more than even Ida's, because while Ida's was almost too perfectly golden to look at, Mayura's is more human, with darker tints and streaks that kind of remind him of life.

The world is not perfect like his lovely cousin's hair, but Mayura's tainted light brown comes pretty damn close to it.

III. Coffee (4:07 PM-4:38 PM)

Since Mayura is still weak and bedridden and just plain worn out, Frey decides to go up to her room and talk to her a while. And since it is really cold this morning, he brings a mug of freshly-made coffee with him because cold brings back bad memories even though he always bitches about how FREAKIN' HUMID Japan is. Plus, he's kind of maybe addicted to coffee and can't stay awake until he's gotten at least half a mug into his system.

So they get to talking, or rather he does most of the talking after a few sips of coffee to jolt himself awake. And seemingly out of nowhere, Mayura asks him:

"Why'd you come up here so early?"

"Well, you're the only other person awake right now despite your assumed fatigue. Plus I like talking to you."

"..." Pause. Then: "Do I smell coffee?"

"You bet. Want some? Wait, no--never mind!"

"Why not?"

"It's a really bad habit of mine, sorry. Just... erase the last few seconds from memory."

"Frey, it's not like I'm a seven-year-old who gets hyper off sugar."

"Yes, well, I'm not sure you should drink any right now, because sick people don't drink coffee and I tend to mix about three tablespoons into mine. Your mom would kill me if I, I don't know, if I made you have a heart attack--"

"I'm not sick!" she says indignantly. "Now let me try some of your super-strong coffee and I swear I'll leave you alone."

Silence. Frey hands over the mug with the air of a child giving up his most prized possession. Mayura tilts it into her mouth, grimaces as recently-boiled water burns her tongue, then hands it back contemplatively.

"It's... kind of sweet for really strong coffee. How much sugar did you use?"

"I don't use sugar; I use honey. Tastes better in the morning."

"Hmm. It's nice."

They end up passing the mug back and forth, till the last few drops are too cold to bother with. And strangely enough, he likes it this way.

He only needs half a mug of coffee anyway--he might as well let Mayura drink the rest.

IV. Crack (4:40PM-4:56PM)

The dialogue is completely added in. Everything else was just tweaked a bit.

If pasts could be walls, Frey's would be the sort of cracked, dilapidated, almost-past-repairing wall you find with old, uncared-for buildings. It's hard to fix everything that comes along, especially when every other sacred guide in your home sanctuary killed each other, and the last survivor of that battle shot himself right in front of you because of guilt that really shouldn't have been there.

"It wasn't Terje's fault, you know. He always had this everything's-my-fault complex, even for the little things; when we were younger, he told me I was lucky to be an orphan because his own parents never wanted kids."

Eric--he would be the deepest, most painfully obvious crack in the wall because Frey pretty much owes his life to him, not to mention that whole trusted-mentor-he-goes-to-even-if-he-doesn't-need-help thing. It hurts to know that he's literally killed him with love, because when you trust someone as much as he trusted Eric, they start hiding incurable medical conditions from you and making deals with Darva to keep from feeling pain until they die, and then they don't even leave a body to bury like everyone else did.

"I feel kinda weird about talking to you so much. You hardly know anything about me, and here I am just rambling about half my life..."

Ida would be the nondescript, sort of average crack that could probably be painted over, but then after you look at her for a while you start to realize how much her death has affected you, and not just because of the killing-herself-when-she-couldn't-handle-the-truth because honestly, what was he supposed to have said?

"I really couldn't have taken care of her. I mean seriously, I was fifteen! I could barely even get a job, and she expected me to just... to somehow be able to support two people? Maybe the whole running-away-to-live-an-idyllic-life plan would've worked in medieval times, or just possibly if Uncle hadn't thrown me out, but sometimes I wonder if she really... thought about what she was doing."


"Now that I realize it, I haven't... visited her at all. I didn't even go to her funeral, but she'd have to understand that. Right?"

He supposes that Alice would be a wire-thin break that's fairly obvious but really isn't that big a deal. He does still love her quite a lot, but she fell for Kyô instead and now Frey's decided that if she's happy, then so is he. Besides, he wanted to find a bride--that doesn't necessarily mean Alice has to be the one.

"...I've just realized something. You know how Kyô broke up with you and I've been kind of... not hitting on Alice for two weeks? Technically, this means we've switched girlfriends."

After a while he starts thinking about what Mayura's wall and how it'd be like that picture-perfect wall you see in commercials, except for this one huge spiderweb of cracks that looks like someone took a sledgehammer and bashed at it five or six times. You know, because of Darva possessing her and almost consuming her body and soul, until she finally saw how much Alice loved Kyô that is, and then she finally snapped out of her whole kill-my-lying-sister-and-cheating-ex mindset.

"I'm not saying I'm a mind-reader, but I bet you really stopped because it got too hard to stay mad at two of the people you care about most. Seeing how Alice really felt about him just sped it up."

"...That's not too far off," Mayura finally says.